Chemotherapy scarf – Yanna Black Scarlett Florenza

$ 48.83


Chemotherapy scarf – Yanna Black Scarlett Florenza colour Black Scarlet Florenza from Yanna Crown Collection range is one of our customer’s favourite style, which comes in an organic Bamboo hat with gorgeous new print designed in Italy exclusively for you!

Our beautiful headwear and hats are perfect for those with hair loss due to cancer chemotherapy or alopecia and a great alternative or addition for when not wearing a wig. A clever combination of both hat and scarf makes this style super versatile which can be styled in six separate yet equally chic ways. So, whether you need an easy-to-wear everyday piece to go out for shopping or night out for a dinner with friends, we are sure to have a solution to help you rediscover the former stylish, confident you.

The chic and stylish Italian floral design makes this style super elegant and the bamboo hat is known for its comfort which adjusts to body’s temperature and with antiperspirant properties makes this style a perfect choice for those who have sensitive skin.

Material: 95% Bamboo 5% Spandex

Size: Average


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