Keeping your head warm during hairloss with sleeping hat

We all love great quality sleep, in winter we want to hibernate into a deep slumber and enjoy all that’s around. Everyone likes feeling cosy and warm, but with the first snow fallen this is easier said than done for some of us. When experiencing hair loss keeping your head warm whilst staying comfortable can be challenging. However, you should not despair! Sleeping hats are an amazing way to satisfy all your hearts desires with all of their great features.

How sleeping hat will benefit your sleep?

Being a 100% comfortable is extremely important when trying to achieve a good night’s rest.  What can a sleeping hat for hair loss do for your head in the winter that a regular hat can’t? Well, the lightweight material makes them super breathable which allows for maximum comfort, as well as not having any edges to irritate the skin by utilising the use of seamless lining.  These hats also retain body heat which creates that warm feeling we’re all looking for in the winter months but will not make you sweat!

Hair Loss during chemo or when living with alopecia can be a struggle for many women not only aesthetically but also from the practical perspective. Our body loses heat while we sleep decreasing our sleep length and quality. Poor sleep quality can have an impact on your health in the long run. Therefore it is important that it is looked after.

Our range of wonderfully soft sleeping hats by Masumi Headwear has many colours complementing any pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers for the ultimate cosy feel! Blue, black, champagne, coral and grey are just some of the colours available in the sleeping hat collection. Sleeping hats like the ones above contribute to many factors which promote healthy sleep such as regulating the temperature. Our heads temperature affects our physiology and comfort so go on, stay warm this winter.


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