Colorful chemo headwear

Balanced diet

A balanced diet has always been a topic of debate.  What if your diet had a direct impact on your cancer? According to the ‘Oxford Vegetarian Study’ vegetarians are 45% less likely to develop blood cancers such as leukaemia and lymphoma and 12% less likely to develop cancers overall. So, what could be responsible for those results? Many whole foods such as fruit and vegetables produce cancer killing nutrients which not only add colour and variety to your diet but can actually assist you in the battle against cancer.

Lycopene is a nutrient found (among others) in blueberries, grapefruit, tomato and asparagus. With anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and chemo preventive properties it is the most well known efficient oxidant.

Incorporating this into a daily diet is relatively easy as the main resources such as tomatoes are widely available throughout the year. Various pasta sauces, tomato juices and salsa are just some of the ways to quickly bring lycopene into your diet. Red pigment foods in general are a great conductor for carotenoids which makes the process of picking the right foods a lot more memorable. What if you don’t naturally reach for fruit and vegetables?

Colorful headwear will look good on you and remind you about those delicious fruits and vegetables

Creating new habits can be a task in itself so why not find ways to make it as easy as possible?

Integrating colorful chemo headwear with your eating habits can sound strange but the mind works best through association. Patterns and colours have been utilised in memory training since the invention of crayons in the 17th century. When we study we use highlighters to remember parts of texts or use post-it notes for different events. Coordinating colours could then of course come in handy when trying new things in food. The saying ‘eat the rainbow’ is a great starter point for a healthy varied diet. Eating a different colour everyday representing different nutrients could not only impact your health but your mood. When does the headwear come in?

Masumi Headwear Collection is very colorful, which could easily play the role of daily reminders to bring in a specific food to your meals that day.  Primrose ‘Red Rose’ is a great catalyst for remembering your tomatoes at the grocery store.  Asha ‘Green Forest’ colour is ideal to remind you about your broccoli.